Mind/Body Wellness of Greater Rochester - Initating Change From Within
Established in 2007 by Dr. Ronald P. Rozzi, Ms.D., RHy., after 14 years in private practice.  As a Metaphysician/Certified Hypnotist and director of Inner Light Therapy Center in the southwest region of Rochester NY, Dr. Rozzi encountered a newer therapeutic process that worked faster and more completely than anything ever used to that point.  Best of all, it was a self-applicable process that could empower each individual to essentially become their own therapist, whereby they could ultimately take care of any other future challenges themselves.  Dr. Rozzi has always believed that we are self-healing entities and have more power than we ever give ourselves credit for.  He also knows that knowledge is power, and that with , we create our world as we choose.
Teaching metaphysical concepts along with complimentary health care technologies is both a passion and a mission for Dr. Ron, which has ultimately resulted in the "birth" of these services that you are being introduced to.  If you have a well mind, you must have a well body... it is Law!
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